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The Best Scuba Diving Spots in Hawaii

While Hawaii’s above-water landscapes are unparalleled, some of the most beautiful and memorable scenery is found just below, as well as deep beneath, the surface.

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The Ultimate Waikiki Dining Guide

One of the best parts about living in or visiting a city is being able to enjoy the local cuisine or treating yourself to a stellar meal at one of the city’s top spots; Waikiki is no different. Hawaii is truly a melting pot of not only people and culture but also cuisines, making Waikiki’s restaurant scene one of the most diverse, serving up just about any type of food you might be craving. We’ve curated a list of the top five spots you must try on one of your next nights out in Waikiki.

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Guide to Fishing on Oahu

In Hawaii, fishing offers a way for visitors and locals to relax and enjoy Hawaii’s numerous fresh and saltwater fishing spots. Fishing is also deeply entrenched in Hawaiian tradition and culture, which is why visitors are always obliged to respect the waters and observe regulations instituted by the authorities.  

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The 11 Top Luxury Neighborhoods in Honolulu

If you have been to Honolulu, then you can attest to its luxurious lifestyle and stunning scenery. In fact, due to the variety available, anyone with a budget and taste for upscale neighborhoods will find something here to delight them.

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Kaneohe Real Estate: Where Town and Country Collide

Oftentimes, when people think of real estate on Oahu, Honolulu comes to mind. Most imagine of either the big city, filled with high rises and traffic or beach huts complete with coconut trees and volcanoes in the distance.

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The Impact of Foreign Investors on Hawaii Real Estate

Home to the some of the world’s most coveted beaches and most beautiful landscapes, Hawaii has investors jumping at the chance to scoop up a piece of paradise and own some of the most magnificent property available. With buyers of all types rushing to the islands, there has been a marked presence by foreign investors that has impacted the market. However, what does this mean for the Hawaiian real estate market?

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Ward Village: Luxury Penthouse Living on Oahu

Back in March 2014, areas of the new Honolulu began to make their debut with the first sales of the Anaha and Waiea units. Now, even further progress has been made, allowing a more in depth look to the innovative and luxurious flagship properties in Kakaako's Ward Village, giving a further glimpse of what the finished location will look like.

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Hawaii Kai Neighborhoods

When most on Oahu think of Hawaii Kai, the first thing that comes to mind to describe the community is “marina” and for good reason. While the marina is certainly unique, this instant association tends to mask everything this community has to over and why it might be the perfect place for you. Hawaii Kai has so much to offer, and we've got the all-you-need-to-know guide to this beautiful island oasis.

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Top 10 Things To Do in Honolulu

With a population of approximately one million people, the metropolitan area of Honolulu is bustling. You’ll never encounter a shortage of activities to do and places to see. Given so much variety, it may be difficult to narrow down the sights you need to see, so we've created a list outlining the top ten must-sees and must-dos of Honolulu.

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