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North Shore - Oahu

The North Shore has been famously characterized by its abundant untouched landscapes with beautiful powerful waves along the shore.

North Shore: Serene Chic Living at its Finest 

The North Shore offers abundant untouched landscapes with beautiful powerful waves along the shore.

The North Shore has been famously characterized by its beautifully dominant waves, and its untouched land. For the most part, residents have been very smart to be resistant to any real estate development. Thus, the region is as it has been for many decades: intact to the outside world. Resulting in a mesmerizing beauty to behold. The lucky few who live in the Oahu North Shore are able to do excursions through the thick flora and fauna of the island. 




The average listing price for luxurious North Shore Oahu houses for sale is $1.7 million. However, the listings for these coveted estates can range from just under $1 million to $16 million. It is very rare so see luxury real estate homes on the market in the North Shore. Since the people who inhabit this coveted region have fought for a long time to maintain the area as pristine and undeveloped as possible, they take pride in their homes.


Although many homes do not go on the market, it is good to note that a large sum of homes tend to be rented out to vacationers since the North Shore is such a sought-after region of O’ahu. The people who rent these homes come to explore the beauty and relax on the potent beaches.



The North Shore is all about living a serene, with-nature life. This immaculate region exudes a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle all around. The parks and turquoise beaches are a sight to remember. 


The North Shore Oahu real estates unscathed landscape is highly sought after, leaving many people wanting to explore the beauty within it. Some tourists do make the trip out from Waikiki to witness the incredulous landscape and famous waves. They also come to visit the Polynesian Cultural Center; an authentic center that educates the public on the Polynesian’s rich history and culture.



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