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Top 10 Things to do in Honolulu

Top 10 Things to do in Honolulu

Honolulu Beach Side

With a population of approximately one million people, the metropolitan area of Honolulu is bustling. You’ll never encounter a shortage of activities to do and places to see. Given so much variety, it may be difficult to narrow down the sights you need to see, so we’ve created a list outlining the top ten must-sees and must-dos of Honolulu:

  1. Manoa falls:

    Immerse yourself in a green jungle hike through the dense tropical forest of the Manoa Falls, navigating through various Hawaiian trees and plants to reach a wonderful waterfall at the end.

  2. Ocean Sports:

    Ala Moana Beach Park, Sandy’s Kaka’ako and Waikiki provide opportunities to enjoy some fabulous sporting activities such as standup paddle boarding and surfing, allowing you to tap into your sporty side and enjoy life on the water.

  3. Waikiki:

    This particular area offers a variety of activities including beach walks, jogs, shopping and fine dining, making it a bustling, must-see location in Honolulu.

  4. Hanauma Bay:

    The presence of a sunken crater makes this bay area an ideal location for those who love snorkeling and you can reach this beautiful, scenic spot after just a 5-minute walk down to the crater.

  5. Pearl Harbor, USS Arizona:

    Tap into your historic-buff side with a visit to Pearl Harbor, where you can check out where US ships were attacked by Japan, leading to the United States’ involvement in World War II.

  6. Diamond Head:

    Providing the setting for stunning beach photos and even better views at the top, this iconic former volcano of eastern Waikiki is not to be missed. You can also take the opportunity to embark on a hike, where you will get to pass through a military tunnel, several flights of stairs and experience what it’s like to be in a bunker.

  7. Downtown Honolulu/Iolani Palace:

    For a chance to see the elegant greeting rooms and private suites of the King and Queen and to feel like royalty for the day, take the opportunity to embark on a self or guided tour of the Iolani Palace. In addition, you can also tour around other important buildings located in downtown Honolulu such as the Hawaii State Capitol.

  8. Waikiki Aquarium/Honolulu Zoo:

    If you’re an animal lover, the Honolulu Zoo will delight you with 905 animal species spread across its vast 42 acres of land.

  9. Chinatown:

    If you are looking for fresh produce, Chinatown won’t disappoint with its impressive variety of fruit and vegetable offerings. Moreover, if you’re still hungry, you can sample various Thai and Filipino foods here or taste the famous Hawaiian style Cantonese baozi and dumplings.

  10. Local Hawaiian Food:

    Last but definitely not least, your Honolulu trip cannot be complete without tasting some of the island’s local food. You should tickle your taste buds with the various foods such as laulau, poi, loco moco, plate lunches and kalu pig, just to mention a few.

This list provides you with a comprehensive activities guide for your time in Honolulu. Pick one, two or all of activities listed, and you’ll be guaranteed to have yourself a fabulous time in Honolulu.

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