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Ward Village: Luxury Penthouse Living on Oahu

Ward Village: Luxury Penthouse Living on Oahu

Ward Village at Oahu

Back in March 2014, areas of the new Honolulu began to make their debut with the first sales of the Anaha and Waiea units. Now, even further progress has been made, allowing a more in depth look to the innovative and luxurious flagship properties in Kakaako’s Ward Village, giving a further glimpse of what the finished location will look like.

Ranging between $10 million and $35 million dollars (US) and their completion dates getting closer by the minute, these units are attracting the attention of investors hoping to grab a slice of the groundbreaking design that has brought high-end condo living to the city of Honolulu. Units are already selling fast so don’t miss your chance to take advantage of this amazing real estate opportunity.


At 45 degrees to the mountain side of Diamond Head, soon you’ll be able to see the Anaha tower. Just moments away from the ocean, residents of the tower will be able to take in the blue shores and local scenery of the area surrounding Ward Village.The most talked about proposed feature of the Anaha is the clear-bottomed pool. Whilst lounging on the terrace or taking a dip in the clear blue water, residents can look down and see the bustling street below.The Anaha penthouse suites were designed with entertaining in mine, with open plan spaces, a luxurious, modern kitchen suite and plush bedrooms to offer comfort to even the fussiest sleeper. The Master Bedroom will also boast a sitting or dressing area, two walk-in closets and abundant space for clarity.Residents’ views from the penthouse will include the panorama of Honolulu, the swell of the ocean and the lights along the sand.On the rooftop terrace, you’ll be able to find a private infinity pool and private patio where you and your guests may relax and take in the ocean breeze.

The Cylinder at Gateway Towers

While the Gateway Towers haven’t yet experienced quite as much excitement as the Anaha and Waiea units due to the latter’s earlier completion date, that doesn’t make them any less inviting.Once the Towers have been completed, they will front Ala Moana Boulevard, giving residents an exquisite, undisturbed view of the ocean. The Cylinder was designed by architect Richard Meier and was conceptualized with ultra-luxury in mind. Each unit features high-end, unexpected touches that will impress even the most discerning investor.Residents can enjoy floor to ceiling windows with clear views of Honolulu’s beauty and nothing in between. Units include opulent fitted kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. Outside, you’ll find exquisite landscaping, surrounded by tropical palms and lush greenery, accented by unique water features and a pedestrian bridge – separating the Cylinder from its future sibling. When it comes down to details, it’s the small yet luxurious touches that make a difference. From the private elevator to the penthouse to the rooftop terrace, simply entering the Cylinder will be an experience. As you step out on to the terrace and take in the ocean views, you’ll be able to enjoy a private infinity pool, patio and outdoor kitchen – ready to entertain any guests you please. Finally, when looking to escape from the relentless Hawaii heat, you’ll find sunshades to protect the inside of the penthouse from the rays.


The Waiea is already a staple of Ward Village and is located on the Ala Moana Boulevard. Like the Cylinder, it boasts stunning ocean views, reflected in the cast fishnet glass that makes up the unit’s unique exterior.Design lovers will be intrigued to know that no two pieces of glass on this building are identical. Ocean views have been optimized throughout the building, ensuring a higher number of residents are able to benefit from the beauty of the unit’s surroundings -the panorama of Waikiki’s Diamond Head.Outside on the private lanai area, residents can enjoy their own private infinity pool and pool house. Inside, the unit features a home screening room for endless hours of entertainment, in addition to high-end fitted bathroom and kitchen units.Access is simple via the elevator, reserved only for use by penthouse residents – bringing you home with no additional stops. The luxurious high-rise living at the Waiea is indulgence at its finest.

While each of the three properties is unique, what brings them together is the sense of opulence that has become unanimous with Ward Village, all whilst encompassing the true culture and scenery of Hawaii. Combined, they create an enviable lifestyle that anyone would be excited to be a part of.

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